Our home videos 

Here are some of our videos taken at Umsizi. 

Please note that although some of these videos may seem cute. These monkeys are wild animals and are still young enough where they need our interaction. Around 3 months of age they are fully integrated with a troop and begin a rehabilitation process to be wild. They are raised amongst other vervets aswell as their human surrogate mother to ensure they have bonds with other monkeys and not just people. 

Their bonds with the other monkeys in their troop will grow whilst their bonds with humans dwindle. This is important and much needed for their rehabilitation and eventual release.

Monkeys in the rehabilitation side of Umsizi are released as a troop after a long process and arent just thrown back into the wild. We take every possible step to make their journey as easy and comfortable as possible and as a result happy monkeys with a new lease on free life!